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About us

star digita was founded in 2011 amid the global economic crisis. Some may think, and not without reason, this period is not the most favourable to start an endeavour. Still we started and star digita is now reality.

We strongly think, after long experience in the ICT sector, traditional consultancy no longer deliver what customers really need. We decided to change that paradigm and create a new model based on compromise, collaboration and sustainable growth.

If you sell services to improve others' businesses, your own business is the first to be sustainable.

Independent management

star digita is a Spanish trade mark, based in Madrid, Spain, and made up of two partners and a set of maximum trust independent working associates. Therefore, we have a greater capacity and speed for decision making than other large consulting firms. Not being owned by any bank or multinational, you will receive the highest quality service and priority along our commercial relationship.

All our customers are our priority

For other companies, the size of potential business a project may generate can be relatively small and it may also result in attention levels below those provided to large accounts that represent a high percentage of the billing. This is not our case. For star digita, you are a preferential customer and will be treated as preferential along our commercial relationship.

Quality-price ratio

The ratio between the price charged and the work quality provided by star digita is significantly higher than the market average for the kind of projects star digita executes.

star digita managers, always at your service

star digita digita management board is available at any time to answer any question that your managers or representatives may consider of relevance.

Specialization and flexibility

star digita is a small size business, flexible, used to work with SMEs, with capacity for immediate response and highly specialized in the field of ICT.