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Corporate financial and operational risk management is one of the main challenges for all organizations facing globalization of markets. It is necessary to count with new and adequate tools.

C-FORMS is the ultimate ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) solution.

C-FORMS is built over two main and independent modules: RATS & CAT. These modules are complementary. They are in charge of authomatizing risk identification, analysis, audit and follow-up processes.

C-FORMS gives all its potential providing tools to assist on making decisions, always focusing on correct management and risk mitigation.

Your organization will get a complete view over your risk management processes, in complete accordance to your corporative culture and legal regulations.

What makes C-FORMS special

Complete Enterprise Risk Management functionalities
Edit and import accounting and predefined process data.
Define the corporative context (Entities, accounts, processes, risk maps y and controls).
Qualitative and Quantitative risk analysis.
Control activities, evaluation and recommendations.
Resource management and assignment, audits and follow-up processes.
Adapted to diverse regulation frames
Complete view over corporate risks and their impact.
Open and customizable solution, following current regulations (SOX, NIC, US GAAP, Basilea II, etc.)
Open sceneario identification and simulations using different risk samples.
Compliance with COSO II main principles.
Use of edge techology to achieve a fast and agile multi-user management.
Main engine built on J2EE capable of working with Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL databases.
Client-server architecture with unlimited user licenses or desktop solution synchronized with the server.
Standard reports supporting Word and PDF formats and data exports to Excel and Access.
Business Intelligence (BI) integrated tools to build and analyze custom reports.

And there is even more:

Feature Description Objectives
Accounts and processes Universe Identification and evaluation of risks over Entities, financial statuses and business processes. Unlimited and flexible scenary and scope definitions to create the audit Universe. Achieving a thorough knowledge about corporate and Alcanzar un conocimiento exhaustivo de los riesgos corporativos, financieros y operativos que afectan a la organizaciĆ³n.
Risk audit Planning, execution, evaluation and recommendations definition about critical processes and risk coverage. Risk mitigation through a proactive status management.
Documentation, reports and traceability One repository for risk, processes and controls documentation. Change log and dynamic follow-up reports, either using a standard template or defining custom reports. Report in real time the facts about the level of compliance with objectives of the top management.
Scoreboard and indicators Support for decision-making, creating key indicators and dynamic and multidimensional analysis capabilities. Strategically respond to any change in the risk map and in accordance to the regulatory framework.
Multitenant, Multiuser, Multilanguage Web solution supporting multiple companies and multiple users, with multilingual capabilities. Also provides functionality to access on desktop mode. Integrate the entire organization under the same principles when applying a risk management methodology and making the information accessible from any location.